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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » November » 11 » Caetano Veloso - 1968 - Caetano Veloso [Tropicalia]
Caetano Veloso - 1968 - Caetano Veloso [Tropicalia]

Caetano Veloso [Tropicalia] 1968

Solo debut by Brazilian genius. A member of the Brazilian arts movement known as Tropicalia, Caetano Veloso crafted a pioneering mix of bossa nova, American folk, and psychedelic pop. Comparable in sound and quality to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, this album has been cited as a key influence by the likes of Beck and Devendra Banhart.

Tracks :
1. Tropicalia
2. Clarice
3. No Dia Em Que Eu Vim-me Embora
4. Algeria, Algeria
5. Onde Andaras
6. Anunciacao
7. Superbacana
8. Paisagem Util
9. Clara (with Gal Costa)
10. Soy Loco Por Ti, America
11. Ave Maria
12. Eles

Caetano Veloso is an album released in Brazil in 1968 by the artist of the same name, being one of the first Tropicália efforts. It has arrangements by Júlio Medaglia, Damiano Cozzella, and Sandino Hohagen, and it is very eclectic, showing the "Antropofagia" (artistic cannibalism) aspect of the Tropicália movement, varying from Psychedelia, rock, Pop, Indian Music, bossa nova, Bahian music and others. It has the hits "Alegria, Alegria", "Tropicália", and "Soy Loco Por Tí, América".

Caetano's first big, breakaway Tropicalia album, recorded in the wake of several notorious concert appearances which put the new sound on the map. The psychedelic cover art features Veloso's portrait inside an egg-shaped photo, held between a cartoon nymph and a cartoon dragon. Great songs, including the often-covered and often-anthologized "Superbacana" and the ridiculously poppy spanish-language roller-rink lovefest, "Soy Loco Por Ti, America". Backed up by the crazed rock band, Os Mutantes, as well as by the teenybopper rock'n'roll of Roberto Carlos' RC-7, Veloso sends off a powerful opening salvo for the tropicalia movement, and a magnificent solo debut.


posted by Gathering_of_the_Tribe (Anonymous user)

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